News Update:-

The Machine Readable Passport Section in the Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen is accepting applications. The applicants are urged to consult the MRP Section of Embassy's website prior to coming for MRP processing.

Important Notice :-

The Machine Readable Passport Section in the Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen are accepting applications for only Legal resident of Denmark, Lithaunia and Malmo city (Sweden).



Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

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Monday to Friday 09:00 to 12:00 Submission & Collection of all kind of MRP Cases.



Apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) in Embassy of Pakistan Copenhagen


Please bring your Original & Photocopies of CNIC/NICOP/CRC(not expired), Pakistani Passport,CPR & Resident card of Denmark or Lithaunia or Sweden.



MRP Applicants are advised to read the following for their information:

  1. All applicants must have the original & photocopies of their current passport, CPR, Resident Card and valid NICOP/CNIC. (For Children Original CRC issued from NADRA or NICOP required along with photocopies of Mother & Father CNIC/NICOP).

  2. If the Birth of Child is in Denmark then Please bring Danish Birth Certificate issued by Danish Authority, along with photocopy of birth certificate.

  3. Separate fees receipt is required for each applicant in case of family or group. Bank receipt through netbank/ebanking is also acceptable (Please attached bank receipt with your photocopies). You can also pay Passport Fee with Danish Visa Dankort (not with Swedish and Lithaunian Bank Cards).

  4. No photographs & Passport forms are required.

  5. For Collection of Passport, Applicant may personally visit the office or family member (Father, Mother, Husband or wife or any blood relative) may collect the passport.

  6. Please at the time of collection bring original previous passport and Token issued by this Embassy. In case the applicant does not bring the old passport, the MRP will not be delivered.

  7. Important note: If Passport fee is submitted at the Bank counter, then DKK 90/- must be deposited in addition to the normal passport fee. Fees submitted at the counter without the additional DKK 90/- will not be entertained/accepted. Transfer through Net Bank Fee is 300 DKK for 5 year and 600 DKK for 10 Year. Applicants from Malmo & Lithuania submit 100 DKK extra when pay through bank transfer or E-banking. e.g. 300+100 = 400 for 5 years validity passport. (Please attached bank receipt with your photocopies) .

  8. Timings for MRP Passport: Data capture/processing is done between 09:00 to 12:00 (Monday to Friday); Delivery of MRP is also possible between 09:00-12:00 (Monday to Friday).(Please bring your original Token and previous passport at the time of collection).

  9. Delivery will be: 20 working Days for Normal Passport, and 10 working days in case of Urgent Passport. (Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen is not responsible for any delay in the arrival/delivery of the MRPs).

  10. MRP processing depends on the System and Server in Pakistan. The Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen cannot guarantee that the System will be functional all the time.

  11. If you want your passport back through Post Denmark then Please bring Return envelope with your home address and 150 DKK Post Denmark Stamp on the Return envelope, at the time of submission of application.(Embassy will send your passport when its ready with Post Denmark Registered Postel mail not with ordinary mail)

Following is the flow of the MRP application process:

1.  Arrival of Applicant at Embassy of  Pakistan

2.  Payment through Danish Visa Dankort is acceptable. (Swedish & Lithaunian Bank cards are not acceptable).

3. Token issuance and photograph.

4.   Biometric Data / Finger Prints Capture

5.   Data Entry

6.   Interview and Decision

7.   Collection of Passport ( after 10 working Days urgent or 20 working Days Normal.

Following documents/photocopies are necessary for the MRP processing:

  1. Original Valid CNIC/NICOP (mandatory) and its photocopy

  2. CRC Form (Computerized Registration certificate)  from NADRA (Form-B from NADRA) for children below 18 years age. Parents' NADRA  ID Cards and its Photocopies is also required, Danish Birthcertificate of child if birth in Denmark

  3. Pakistani Passport and its photocopy.  (1st & 2nd Page )

  4. Valid visa or Denmark residency card's photocopy. Applicants from Malmo and Lithuania have to provide their own Visa and Residency cards.

  5. Foreign Passport along with its two copies for dual nationality holders only.

  6. Fresh NOC required for the Government Employee/Officers from their respective department.

  7. Separate fees receipt is required for each person in case of family (Please attached bank receipt with your photocopies

In Case of Lost Passport:

  • First Time Loss: Double fees will be charged.

  • Second Time Loss: Quadruple fees will be charged

    Third Time Loss: Pakistan Mission abroad will issue an emergency passport for return to Pakistan under intimation to Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Police Report for the lost passport and valid Visa or Residency proof from the Immigration Department.

Bank Details: ( Please bring Bank transfer receipt at Embassy at the time of submission .)

Embassy Accounts Details: 4001-0010961874 ( Danske Bank) 

Coming from Malmo OR Lithuania use below account & pay extra 100 dkk (Bank charges)

IBAN ACCOUNT NO: DK37 3000 0010 961874

Fee-Chart for MRP Passport



Ordinary ( 20 days )

Urgent ( 10 days )

5 years

36 pages

300 DKK

600 DKK

72 pages

600 DKK

1200 DKK

100 pages

900 DKK

1800 DKK

           ( 10 Years passports issued only to the applicants age 15 years are above  )

10 years

36 pages

600 DKK

1200 DKK

72 pages

1200 DKK

2400 DKK

100 pages

1800 DKK

3600 DKK







Machine Readable Passport (MRP) services are entirely based on technical system, and sometimes that system can abruptly breakdown due to sudden unforeseen technical failure.

In such situation, MRP services are discontinued without any notice.  Therefore, applicants who come on that day to the Embassy for MRP, will have to come on another day when the MRP system is restored and functional. 

Cooperation of the applicants in such extra ordinary circumstances is highly appreciated.


Embassy of Pakistan, Valeursvej 17, 2900 Hellerup, Tel: +45-39 62 11 88, Fax +45 39 40 10 70